Why this is your best purchase, mommy (to be)!

You are pregnant (congratulations!), in search of the perfect diaper bag. After all, you want only the best for your child.

At INY we get this. Our team of mommy’s created the deluxe “INY diaper bag insert” to create the best version of you, so you can be the best mommy for your child.

  • Practical and fashionable - from the outside and inside
    • Transform your favorite tote or shopper bag with our insert-organizer INY diaper bag
    • Put our INY bag diaper insert organizer in your favorite tote or shopper bag.
  • Stay organized – even with extra daily necessities for your baby
    • Extend your favorite bag with 11 pockets, for diapers, milk bottles, wipes food, etc
    • Put your laptop (up to 13 inch) in the big pocket slide
    • Use the key clasp so you don’t use your key
  • Changing moods and bags - No problem!
    • The insert organizers are easy to insert or remove, so you can exchange your favorite designer bag for any mood, weather and occasion
  • No more buying different diaperbags