Our story

Being an organized and stylish mom without compromising on my favorite tote bags

The love for our kids is the most intense, purest and warmest feeling ever. But to be able to give all the love and enjoy every second, it starts with loving ourselves, to be able to be the best parent out there.

This advice is what I received many times from my friends, just right before the arrival of our first daughter. Well, maybe not in those exact words, and they probably all had their own twists and interpretations of this advice. But I guess the main message is that it's easy to “lose” ourselves in the daily routine of snuggling with our little ones, the countless breast feedings or milk bottles and the (unfortunately) broken nights, leaving little to no time to be the fashionable power woman we still are underneath that mommy cape 😊 Being flexible in time and travel and enjoying my fashionable items from my wardrobe, and still having a quick drink with my girls - this can’t be something just from the past!

For this reason I started to look for baby necessities that would combine the functional need, ideally with my taste of fashion. Although I succeeded for many of the smaller items, I had the most difficulties searching for a diaper bag. And sooner than I realized, I ended up empty handed. 

I was fed-up looking for my perfect bag and combined my skills (I didn’t know I had) with advice from friends and professionals to create a bag that allowed me to keep all the baby stuff neat and organized while still using my favorite tote bags.

Our INY bag insert was born!

After 2 kids and using this bag insert for more than a year, I’d love to share this favorite item with all the mommy’s (to be) out there! The INY bag insert is definitely a life savor for me and I’m confident it will be for you. And the quick drinks with my girls and flexibility? Definitely still here!



P.S.: The best thing is that I can use all my favorite tote bags and transform them into a stylish diaper bag for any occassion in a matter of seconds.